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Dog and Cat Stress Relief

Better Nutrition Magazine tips to soothe anxious pets with drug-free protocols, from chakra balancing to music therapy.
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How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Your Dog

Since most carsickness in adult dogs is the result of stress rather than the motion of the vehicle, easing your dog’s anxiety is a good place to start.
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Ask A Vet

Dr. Jyl, a mobile veterinarian in Sacramento, CA, has a long-running morning news segment on FOX40 called Ask A Vet. Her YouTube channel offers videos on many pet topics, from health and happiness to food and safety.
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Easy Rider

Help reduce travel stress without drugs. In this article you will find helpful hints for making your cat at ease while traveling long distances.
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Make Brushing Fun

Struggling with your dog to clean his or her teeth is frustrating for both of you. Instead, teach your dog that brushing is a fun daily activity by using treats, praise, and consistency.
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A Few Woofs With Television’s Dog Whisperer

Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan answers questions such as, why thunder tends to scare dogs, and gives some suggestions to help improve behavior.
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