Feedback we have received from users of RESCUE REMEDY® PET. People are also sharing their stories on our Facebook page.

“We gave Rescue Remedy drops to our lab/mix last night during all the Firework noise for 4th of July. While he still is of an anxious nature, it calmed him *significantly* and he was able to get some peace from nerves. We’re fans! Thank you Bach Rescue Remedy!”
- P. W. Elliott

“I would highly recommend this stuff to anyone who has a pet that suffers anxiety attacks fromstorms or loud noises or car rides. Thank you Dr. Bach.”
– Christie, Facebook

“My two dogs and two cats have benefited immensely from Rescue Remedy. Three out of 4 came from shelters; the other was on her way to be put down when we rescued her. I credit RR in assisting them in learning to all get along, and you can’t beat RR in a crisis!”
– K. Danger

“I recently adopted a very stressed dog, and this has helped him quite a bit! I forgot to give him the remedy before getting his nails clipped at the groomer’s yesterday, and what a difference that made from the first time with the rescue remedy. I will be sure never to make that mistake again!! I’ve recommended this to so many people, great product!”
– D. Moores

“It has even helped my horse’s hair grow back on her hip bone. She had rolled it off when she coliced over a year ago. I ONLY STARTED USING IT A FEW WEEKS AGO!
– S. L. Crump

“Rescue Remedy is amazing stuff. Our dog has Lymphoma and gets anxious at night. I put it on a treat or rub it on his head or ears and he stops panting within about 5 minutes. It is literally getting us through the nights. THANK YOU!”
– L. Martinez

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