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Customer Reviews

Feedback we have received from users of RESCUE REMEDY® PET. People are also sharing their stories on our Facebook page.

“I have been using Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Pets since 2012. We took RV to Alaska for 4 months. Dogs (2) were nervous. So Rescue helped easy their nerves. Plus we live in South Fla. Thunder & lightning storms a lot & hurricanes. Maggie our Corgi/Sheltie shakes the whole time. Give her rescue & she calms down. Thank you for helping my dogs.”
- Donna A., Letter

“I don’t even know where to start. Our beagle has had a really REALLY bad case of separation anxiety since he was born. He has caused thousands of dollars in damage and even more than that in vet bills. Chewed through chain link fence, ate clean through walls, chewed through several crates (metal and plastic) and has eaten many blinds, curtains, blankets and other things that are just great for the digestion track. The vet bills from the stomach infections are in the thousands. Boarding him was even worse… I won’t even get into that. The only thing we found that worked was chaining him outside with nothing but a giant water bowl (so he couldn’t tip it or pull it around) and a wooden dog house and even that didn’t really work because it would only take 2 or 3 weeks before he worked himself into a stomach infection from stress alone. A friend suggested this herb and I almost laughed at her but thought “what do I have to lose???” I gave him a dose before bed and then another about 15 minutes before we left for work the next morning and we left him IN THE HOUSE… I was DREADING my return home. When I opened the door and he met me with a wagging tail and happy attitude, I just about passed out. I walked around the house looking for anything chewed up or damaged in any way and found NOTHING. His VERY FIRST DAY and he destroyed NOTHING! We have had a nice clean and intact house ever since. Thank you so much rescue remedy for giving my baby the confidence to stay home and IN the house with the other dogs!!!”
- Candi, Amazon (verified purchase)

“Every time we move, my dog flips out for the first week or two when we go to work. Barking, howling, biting his cage, panicking, etc. We oriented him with the new house a week before we moved and started giving him rescue remedy two days ago. Just a few drops on his milkbone (he’s 12 pounds) a few minutes before we put him away. It’s only day 2 and I have a web cam on him and he’s already sleeping and relaxed. I cannot believe it. Thank you Rescue Remedy!”
- Katie G., Facebook

“I cut my cat’s nails. And this time, instead of putting the drops of Rescue Remedy in her mouth, I rubbed it on her ears and all four paws. And I waited a couple of hours. She had eaten and she was calm and I picked her up and sat her on my lap. Sometimes that means great things for her, just cuddling, although she’s not really much of a cuddler, and sometimes it means, ‘Uh oh, I’m gonna get my nails cut.’ And she let me rub all four paws. I was amazed! She only spit once and it was very quietly. She was controlled, it was just marvelous.”
- Diana from Albuquerque, voice mail

“A wonderful, safe and effective product line that truly delivers what it says! My feline friends are now better able to adjust to transitions, emotional issues and are generally more social due to the power of rescue remedy.”
- Dana L., Facebook

“My adopted 5 year old pup was so hyper – I didn’t realize that it was actually anxiety due to transitioning to a new home! My daughter in law recommended this product and it helped tremendously!! At first we used it daily and now just put a few drops in her water when she needs it!”
- Amy H., Amazon (verified purchase)

“Rescue Remedy works great for dogs! Try it for thunderstorms or fireworks when dogs are afraid.”
- Robin P., Facebook

“Love this I bought this initially to give my poor dog Otis.He had epilepsy and it helped him calm down.I also used it to help me relax.Just bought another bottle to help with my two other dogs,helped with fireworks anxiety.”
- Dina M., Facebook

“I have used it for 25 years, have an 18-yr-old cat who is hyperthyroid, it helps calm her food anxiety.”
- Cathy G., Facebook

“This stuff is seriously amazing! My husbands and I had to drive 3,000 miles across country with our pup and kityy. I was so incredibly worried about traveling with our cat who doesn’t do well in cars but this stuff saved the day! He slept all day when we gave it to him and just seemed to be calm and relaxed. I even tried it on my hyper puppy and he slept most of the day also, I would definitely recommend this to anyone !”
- Alli G., Amazon (verified purchase)

“Purchased this for our pet who flips out over fire works. This was the first year he didn’t tear some thing to shreds. The poor fella would just panic in the past to the point I was afraid he would injure himself very badly. This year I dosed him 4 hours before and right at the time and he remained calm the entire time. He relaxed quite a bit. I’m sold and have recommended this several times for folks.”
- PSBoyte, Amazon (verified purchase)

“I try to always have this on hand when we travel with our 5 Yorkies! Its Natural! Love it!”
- Cat, Amazon (verified purchase)

“This works for our dog in thunderstorms. As soon as I hear the first rumble of thunder or strong winds blowing I give him several drops of Rescue Remedy. It seems to calm him down so that rather than hyperventilating or looking for a safe spot he plunks himself down in his favorite room and waits it out.”
- George B., Amazon (verified purchase)

“We gave Rescue Remedy drops to our lab/mix last night during all the Firework noise for 4th of July. While he still is of an anxious nature, it calmed him *significantly* and he was able to get some peace from nerves. We’re fans! Thank you Bach Rescue Remedy!”
- P. W. Elliott

“I would highly recommend this stuff to anyone who has a pet that suffers anxiety attacks fromstorms or loud noises or car rides. Thank you Dr. Bach.”
– Christie, Facebook

“Love this product. Treats my dog’s anxiety super fast!”
- T. Hocker, Amazon (verified purchase)

“Excellent product for pets. Their people products are good too but this works like a charm for my cats and dog. Really glad to find this. Mine won’t wear Thunder Coats and these drops on their treats do the trick. The shaking/hiding stops and calm sets in. Definitely worth a try. The dosage is a bit unclear but I find that I can figure out the amount that works best for my pets.”
- b l, Amazon (verified purchase)

“My two dogs and two cats have benefited immensely from Rescue Remedy. Three out of 4 came from shelters; the other was on her way to be put down when we rescued her. I credit RR in assisting them in learning to all get along, and you can’t beat RR in a crisis!”
– K. Danger

“I recently adopted a very stressed dog, and this has helped him quite a bit! I forgot to give him the remedy before getting his nails clipped at the groomer’s yesterday, and what a difference that made from the first time with the rescue remedy. I will be sure never to make that mistake again!! I’ve recommended this to so many people, great product!”
– D. Moores

“It has even helped my horse’s hair grow back on her hip bone. She had rolled it off when she coliced over a year ago. I ONLY STARTED USING IT A FEW WEEKS AGO!
– S. L. Crump

“Rescue Remedy is amazing stuff. Our dog has Lymphoma and gets anxious at night. I put it on a treat or rub it on his head or ears and he stops panting within about 5 minutes. It is literally getting us through the nights. THANK YOU!”
– L. Martinez

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